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Everything Is Known

Skyla Roseau writes about her Big Data world of surveillance and rules in her graduate thesis. Jaffa, her fiancé, and Tangier, her big brother, warn her not to break any word rules. One day, she uses forbidden words to write from her heart about the cruel oppression of Big Data. But, the rigged keyboard outs her and triggers Big Data’s wrath. She escapes underground with Tangier and Jaffa. To survive they must choose to join the resistance, led by the Haudenosaunee Nation.

30-A Supper Club


County Rd 30-A, a coastline road in the Florida panhandle meanders parallel to the most beautiful beach in the world. 


Here, Harley McBride finds a gold coin washed up on the beach. Her quest to identify it leads her into a murky world where her longtime friends and members of the 30-A supper Club protect deep family secrets dating back to the Civil War.

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30-A Supper Club  The Cookbook


30-A Supper Club gave us a peek into a marvelous world where friends gathered to enjoy fine dining with fantastic menus designed by the hosts. 


30-A Supper Club The Cookbook features recipes for all the menus and more so you can recreate the cuisines and moods from the story.


Enjoy a festival of food in celebration of friendship. Sahtein!


Finding Palestine


One day in 1978 Liza Elliott hopped onto a bus and sat next to a man from the Holy Land. He called himself a Palestinian and called his homeland, Palestine. Neither names registered in her American frame of reference and his description of life there ran counter anything she'd been taught. Skeptical but intrigued, Liza Elliott slide into parallel adventures of self discovery and political awakening which led her to find Palestine. This account of her adventrue is a road map from which to find Palestine, the necessary first step toward peace with justice in the Holy Land. 


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