Privacy is resistance

A few days ago, a photo went viral of a newborn baby who was making a funny face. Their image is now in the virtual digital universe forever. They had no choice in it. This baby will never know complete privacy of themself. It may be the parents right to do that, but I felt bad for the baby. To think you can have control over your own images, information, and so forth strikes me as nothing but a case of nostalgia. From a drivers license, to social media, to online shopping, most all of the nonphysical you is safely encased in some databank somewhere out there.

We give away our own privacy with social media, with selfies, and websites like this. Check out musician @evangreer on Twitter who has led the call to ban corporate use of facial recognition. What is so important to note is that corporate actors are as active as any state/government actor in using our data. Once satisfied to use data from just shopping records or social media posts, both corporate and government entities now aim to use the face, the body itself.

The thing is, you can't be a citizen of a store. When a corporation requires use of your data for you to interact with it, who do you call to protest? There is no manager or director, or in charge person. You can't invoke citizen rights and vote the corporation directors away. The spidery webs of corporate/government relationships are sticky and complex. Together, they keep us at bay.

Anyway, I've been thinking about all this. Trying to increase privacy is no easy task.

I just hate not having a choice especially with the private sector where there is no alternative if you need their products or services. Like Skyla in the book "Everything Is Known" says, "Privacy is resistance."

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